Swine Flu For Real


swine flu kid m

Half of America will be infected with swine flu and nearly 100,000 Americans (mostly kids and young adults) will die as a result, according to a harrowing new “plausible scenario” released Tuesday by U.S. President Barack Obama’s top scientific advisors.

The “scenario” says that the swine flue epidemic will peak around mid-October, which just so happens to be the anticipated due date for a vaccine.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Obama’s scientists stressed the severe strain that such a “scenario” would place on the nation’s health care system, which their boss is currently struggling to socialize. Interesting timing, huh?

Meanwhile, half of Hong Kong health care workers surveyed recently said they would refuse a swine flu shot – which officials say could be a barometer of things to come in the United States.

Seriously, people … can you blame them? Shots hurt! And don’t they cause autism or something?

Anyway, don’t let your kiddies kiss the piggies and you should be just fine.





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